IPP Basics

What is an Individual Program Plan (IPP)


An IPP is an action plan that talks about the assistance you need to live the way you want. An IPP identifies your goals, services, and supports so you can be more independent and participate in the community. An IPP is a written agreement and contract between you and the Regional Center. It is written in a way you can understand.


Your Rights at an IPP Meeting


  • You have a right to a written IPP that lists your future goals and what services you want and need.
  • You have a right to services that are a part of your community not only in places or groups for the people with disabilities.
  • You have the right to help put together your IPP.
  • You have the right to disagree with any change in services on your IPP, even if a meeting has not been held with you.
  • You have the right to an interpreter or facilitator (a helper) if you need one and the Regional Center has to get one for you.
  • You have the right to have your IPP meeting in a place you want that is comfortable for you. The Regional Center cannot change your services or write your IPP without you attending the meeting.
  • You have the right to be provided with documents such as IPPs, Assessment Plans, IPP Rights, Appeal Rights, and Notice of Action in your native language.
  • You have the right to get services and supports in the least restrictive environment.


Who is Part of the IPP Team?


  • You are the most important member
  • Parents and Legal Guardians
  • People who know you and care about you
  • Your service coordinator from the Regional Center who can get you the services you want and need
  • A Multidisciplinary Team, when appropriate
  • Anyone else you want there




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